International Tennis Shrewsbury

Shropshire school pupils set for exciting ball crew roles at Budgen W100

Pictured: Some of ball crew during their training at The Shrewsbury Club's for the ITF World Tennis Tour event this month.

Pupils from two Shropshire schools have received the exciting opportunity to form the ball crew at The Shrewsbury Club's ITF World Tennis Tour event this month and will be supported by those who are part of the junior county tennis squads.

Students from Wem’s Thomas Adams School and Adcote School in Little Ness have been busy training for their roles at the tournament between October 15-22. The group of more than 50 pupils, both boys and girls, will be on court at the Budgen W100 tournament, a high-profile event featuring top British and international tennis stars. 

Simon Haddleton, the director of tennis at The Shrewsbury Club, has been helping the ball crew prepare for the event.

He said: "We are delighted that both schools have agreed that their pupils can form the majority of the ball crew for this month's W100 Shrewsbury tournament.

"After the success and feedback from last year's event, we have now increased the number of children from both Adcote School and Thomas Adams School involved with this year's tournament.

"The pupils were absolutely superb last year and we look forward to working with them again this year.

"It's an exciting opportunity for them to be a huge part of one of the UK's largest international tennis tournaments.

“We also thank DMOS People for their generous support in providing uniforms for the ball crew during the tournament.”

Ticket prices for the W100 Shrewsbury event, which include a 40-page tournament programme, start from £7.50, with finals day tickets to enjoy both the singles and doubles finals on Sunday, October 22 priced £19.50. A tournament pass to watch all matches throughout the week from court-side stands is available for £59.