International Tennis Shrewsbury
Festival Fanzone Day
Saturday 19th October Starts 10am
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World Tennis

Festival Fanzone Day

Everyone from budding young tennis stars through to youngsters who have never held a racket will have a chance to meet players and learn new skills as part of the ITF World Tennis Tour Festival Fanzone Day.

Your ticket not only includes the chance to watch the Semi-Finals of the ITF World Tour but also have a go at games such as pickleball as well as a wealth of other interactive games including a competition to see who has the fastest serve, plus a chance to get on court and have a hit just like the world ranked stars you will be watching.

This is one of the most highly anticipated events of the whole week, not only is it on semi-finals day, but it gives tennis fans of all ages a chance to test their skills and get involved.

Food is available all day from the Tie Break café and the bar will be open too.

Family Fanzone Activities

Beat the Coach: Our tennis professionals are putting themselves on the line to see if you have what it takes to beat them in a mini tennis match! Will you grind it out from the back or try serving & volleying?

Target Practice: How accurate can you be? Are you able to land a tennis ball on a sixpence? We will have a series of targets both big & small, high & low to see how accurate you can be with a racket & ball.

Fastest Serve: Sam Groth holds the World Record for the fastest recorded serve in world tennis at a staggering 163.7mph. We will have our very own speed gun which will record your fastest effort! Will you have the fastest serve at the W100?

Skillz Zone: You may have heard of freestyle football but we will have our own section of freestyle tennis where you can practice your tap ups, round the world and maybe even a tweener!

Pickleball: You will have the opportunity to have a try at one of the fastest growing sports on the planet, pickleball. A racket & ball sport which is popular equally with both tennis & non-tennis players. There will be a court & expert on hand to give you a go!

Highest Score! Try and get the highest score on our giant interactive wall with a multitude of fun games — speed, agility and quick thinking is essential! rackets and balls supplied.

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FREE if you buy tickets for today’s play in the ITF World Tour – just show your tennis ticket for free entry to the FanZone areas. Please note that ITF tennis tickets are free for Under 16’s but must be accompanied by an adult and no more than 4 children per adult.

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fanzone event shrewsbury tennis
fanzone event shrewsbury tennis
fanzone event shrewsbury tennis